3D CAD design of mechatronics devices

F.I. MECHATRONIKA - outsourcing in engineering - specialists for your company.

As a company owner acting under the aegis Engineering Company "MECHATRONIKA"  Paweł Woliński I want to offer you the cooperation in the field of designing mechatronics and mechanical elements.
We have experience of twenty years in designing in fields: from the advertising industry (e-kiosks, large outdoor screens) through automotive and railway (assembly posts, train power equipment) for military structures (design of special vehicles, armoured fighting vehicles deck equipment and soldier individual equipment). The past experience also lets us the execution of tasks in EMC - both according to civil as well as military norms. Products designed by FIM designers are characterized by a high technical progress, a resistance and an endurance, with functionality and with aesthetics. We are using the truly legal software CAD 3 D for mechanics and 2 D for electricians. Documentation created by FIM designers is becoming a property for the Principal. We have experience in the telecommuting.

Please see for more information our website:    www.fimpw.com.pl.

Private companies, state-owned companies and research institutes already used our support. It is always possible to count to our professionalism and the respect for the professional secrecy.

I am inviting for the cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

Pawel Wolinski

Firma Inzynierska "MECHATRONIKA" Pawel Wolinski
ul. Poezji 12/43 04-994 Warszawa
NIP 525-140-65-93
tel. +48 501-382-659
e-mail pw.fim@onet.eu

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F.I. MECHATRONIKA Pawel Wolinski

Pawel Wolinski
Poezji 12/43
04-994 Warschau
Tel.: +48 501-382-659
Email: pw.fim@onet.eu

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